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Where to begin?

"You continue to argue under a false belief that we have a weak position"

Actually, he was arguing that we would not be in a strong praising, but that doesn't necessarily mean a weak position. There is a middle ground. Your assertion is incorrect.

"The EU made clear it was remain or leave and no negotiation."

It was made clear that we couldn't have all the benefits of membership without following all the rules. There was always a negotiation to be had, but the red lines set by May and the Brexit extremists left very little room for negotiation.

"Apparently its ok to use the backstop but if that same border is between the EU and Ireland it drives remainers into a fit."

There would be no border between NI and the rest of the UK under the negotiated backstop, as the UK would remain in the customs union until an alternative was found. This was the solution proposed by the UK, and the EU hated it but accepted it as a compromise solution.

"Waaaaa developed country waaaaaa dont like their standards waaaaaaa! So why would you buy it? If you wouldnt then whats the problem?"

The problem is that the USA know that few would buy their crap, even if it was significantly cheaper, so would insist on food labelling changing so we couldn't tell the difference. Added to which, are people going to ask every restaurant they go in to whether they're using American food products? Would they even know? If food standards were lower, would our own farmers keep higher standards, or would everyone drop to the lowest common denominator?

"I repeat- [the GFA is] no problem."

Do you understand how fragile the peace is in NI? How often it is broken by both sides?

"So your saying immigration should be out of control?"

No, he's saying that if;

- there is no border control between GB and NI because they are all part of the UK,

- there is no border control between NI and Ireland's, because we can't break the GFA, and

- there is no border control between Ireland and the rest of the EU, because all are in the EU and there is FoM

Then there is effectively no border between the UK and EU. Any border controls in that case put up between the 2 are no more than a sham, as there is a path of free movement of goods and people between the EU and UK in both directions. It would mean both sides completely giving up on controlling the borders between them, which is one of the things Brexit was supposed to be about.

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