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I'm a big fan of and user of perl, because it lets me write code so clearly that people who see it ask what fancy mods I've made to their language of choice to make things so obvious. Enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot is a double-edged sword, and what people are really complaining about with perl is that some people think writing "line noise" code is job security for the sinecure-minded losers of the world, of which there are all too many.

But not everyone - I DO maintain and support my own code, which generally has more comments than code in the source, with the "why I did it this way" along with the "how". Because I forget and that's not language dependent at all - my arduino C/C++ looks very similar. And when I had coders working for me (in any language) if they didn't do the same, they got a talking to or terminated. And for some reason our consulting firm became so popular that when we all retired, the oldest of us was 45.

Because customers will pay for quality and the ability to modify quickly to suit, or at least we found a few that would.

=for smartpeople

That said, this new language currently known as perl 6 should no way be named perl, that's idiotic. It's really not even close to the same language - I've looked, I've paid attention for example to Damian etc - I'd go with his suggestion if for no other reason than he's generally the smartest guy in the room.


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