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Clutching at its Perl 6, developer community ponders language name with less baggage

karlkarl Bronze badge

This is generally my order of language based on complexity of requirements on POSIX systems:

sh -> awk -> perl -> c

Is it because I prefer Perl and C to Python, Perl6 and Rust? Hell no; it is because they are there and don't require additional dependencies. Perl6 and Python are annoying to install. Python has that weird Javascript/NPM inspired cancer called PIP that ensures every bit of code you write today; probably wont work on Python in a few months.

It is nice to see Perl not going through the same mess as Python 2.x -> 3.x. I find that kind of language breakage unacceptable. Like VB6 -> VB.NET. It is basically an abrupt death of a programming language and how replacing it with another of the same name actually manages to trick some "non"-developers is beyond me.

Also Perl 5 has a cooler logo:

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