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Upvote for unashamedly using the correct spelling of "sniggering" in this thread!

I find your use of the word "sn*****ing" to be highly offensive as it contains the word "n*****" and you knew that full well!

A few years back, during the President Obama's time at the trough, I watched 3 news items. There was a warning that some people may wish to change channel/turn the TV off/leave the room etc for one of the times as it contained material some viewers may have found disturbing.

One was footage from a multi-fatal accident here in NZ, a van involved in a crash where most of a family was killed including children, bodies covered with sheets visible in the wreck.

Another was footage from Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria showing scenes of fighting, footage where you could actually see people being shot and (almost certainly) killed.

But it was the middle one they gave the warning about. An address by President Obama where he mentioned that people should not get so upset "When someone uses the N word" when there were many more issues the country was facing that needed to be dealt with. Seeing fairly graphic footage of the scene where a local family died? Yeah not the sort of thing I would like to see. Seeing much more graphic footage of people firing weapons intent on killing others? Definitely not something I'd want to see - would've appreciated warnings on those bits. But hearing Obama speak in that manner? Not something anyone should consider offensive or otherwise. Even if he used the word "Nigger" he, like me, used it in an entirely appropriate context - no one in their right mind should find that offensive.

(Shut up Bob. We know you find every utterance of Obama to be highly offensive! :) )

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