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Poor snowflakes get more easily offended. Also being usually incompetent, the only control they are able to try to exercise is to control the free speech of others.

I've often noticed that. More commonly than not, the more peoplesnowflakes whine about PC crap, the less likely they are to have actually accomplished anything.

In order to think, you have to risk being offensive.

Some of the best things anyone has ever said to me have been utterly offensive to me at first, but onl reflection I've made changes that have improved my life for the better.

The worst things, OTOH, have been when muppets have sat silent and let me come to grief because they could see a problem but didn't want to risk offending me. I've been at risk of serious injury because someone was too girly to warn me I was making a mistake in how I was using a power tool. Had the thrown bit of work been a few inches over it could've gone into my chest instead of grazing my shoulder.

Speak up. Speak your mind. I might run away crying. I might wet my panties. I might thank you for it. (yes, may even try to end my life too - that's a risk we take but it's more likely to be over-protected snowflakes getting their first taste of reality than people who've not been overly protected).

But the competent will always win.

In that, I think you are very sadly mistaken. This world is great at producing fools, great at promoting lunatics, and utterly amazing at producing utter fuckwits. Those of us who are even remotely competent (even going as low as my level) are outnumbered 100 to 1. And even worse, they're too stupid to realise they're too stupid.


Make Anal Gay Again? Thanks, but I don't mind the straights sharing some of the joys....

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