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Idiosyncratic choice

I picked up Perl and Javascript at about the same time back mid 90's. One had style, literacy, and élan. The other was much more constricted and immature. Both were unsuited for many people. But was that a problem with the languages? Apparently not, as 'everyone' who embraced the client end of the web decided Javascript was okay enough after all. Sorry, Java.

Please do remember we've seen exactly the same zeal in the past attacking Javascript as for Perl. So somehow the never-JS people got over their jihad in order to get work done anyway.

I've done Python too, though having to read it quite a bit more than write in it. (You know, bug fixing) I keep thinking on one strange comparison between English and French. One has 170,000 words, the other 60,000. Simpler having less choice, yes? Oh, and the orthography and pronunciation is more straightforward in French (except when it isn't).

It really comes down to a personal, idiosyncratic choice. Some people want a language anemic and hypoglycemic to mutter in. Others a language that can be poetical. It is at all remarkable that there are very loud people who hate poetry? Or English?

Oh well, waiting to see what is next becomes the "most hated". Oh dear, I'm programming in Javascript! Noooo

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