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The Register is not really known as an abode of the left wing. There are a set of people around with those opinions, but they (well, we) hardly overwhelm the place.

Well, naturally. "left wing" and "right wing" are merely attempts by mainstream politicians to build power bases by causing divisions into "tribes" and then deliberately causing arguments between tribes that they can then benefit from in true "divide et impera" fashion. The mainstream politicians are more or less a mindless slaves to the opinion of one or the other most prominent long dead economic theorists who had a good grasp of issues of either one or two hundred years ago, but given that those theories were based on conditions that no longer exist an application of their ideas in todays world is more or less impossible.

Tech issues are happily more or less devoid of mainstream politics since the dead economic theorists in question were either dead before electricity generation was invented in one case, or in the other dead before gas lighting had been eliminated, let along before computing came along so both have no opinions to offer on tech issues.

Most political figures therefore can't wrap their heads around the issues, and when politicians do try and get involved their attempts usually unite the entire technical community in mockery of their complete and utter lack of any understanding of the issues. This leaves the space reasonably free of people screaming "YOU MUST THINK $THIS", which means that the space is more or less exclusively comprised of free thinkers who roundly mock any stupid idea on it's lack of merit. As the free thinkers are the majority, the "followers" tend to be the ones coming out with the outright vicious kickings of stupid ideas that other people have clinically dissected and shown to be terrible ideas.

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