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It was just a polite way to tell her no way to use such software, with is really a gimp compared to the leading software applications. No way you can learn actual photography post-processing with it. Non-destructive editing layers? We've heard of it, maybe in 2030-2040 we'll have something. Sure, you can use it as it is, and work hard to overcome deficiencies - it would be like teaching math using Roman numerals.

I would not accept my children to be forced to use a subpar tool just because of some ideology, regardless of its name. It would be like forcing them to learn Esperanto instead of some more useful language. There are so many missing pieces in GIMP still, they should think how to add them, instead of fighting over a stupid name.

Anyway, it was renamed when GNU (which I think is an insult too) forced them to rename it in their lame attempts to force their own ideology over everything that is FOSS. Just all "libertarians", they have to force onto you their very own idea of "freedom".

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