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So the Home Office need to coordinate with the DWP and HMRC. Not a major surprise there, and I believe they already do.

There's no way a resident EU citizen who's had contact over the past five years with the DWP and HMRC should be denied settled status, so whatever they're doing, they're doing it wrong.

It's almost as though we'd start treating EU nationals the way we currently treat people from outside of the EU: Welcoming, but with controls over their access to employment and public services.

Yes, I'm sure EU citizens have welcomed the three years of constant gaslighting, where in even weeks it's "we shall safeguard all your rights" and odd weeks it's "we have trouble understanding the concept of a residency card for a family member of an EU citizen despite it having existed for 15 years/we'll send you a letter saying that 10 years of bank statements aren't enough/we'll send you a letter saying you must leave the country/we'll announce the immediate withdraw FoM rights and leave enough doubt in the announcement so that already-resident EU citizens wonder if they are affected or not".

Anybody would think we were trying to become a country with laws and borders.

Because the UK now is a borderless lawless country, right? Or judging by today's announcement about shutting down Parliament maybe it is.

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