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"Only wanting in the view of those who said a deal would be the easiest thing and so forth"

Not at all. Those idiots were gonna come and take the banking industry. Buckled. Got some brass plates and brassed off. Then changed their minds because it would screw up the EU.

The WA deal is not open for renegotiation at all at the insistence of the EU. Boris steps in with his oct deadline regardless of a deal and suddenly one of the presidents is offering more time to renegotiate.

The EU has a huge bill for us. And cry their little hearts out when told no. And almost have an aneurysm when we suggest taking our share of the assets.

Hell the EU negotiators refused to talk while UKIP were in the room and were publicly shamed for acting like little children.

Everything has been negotiable and flexible on the condition we were willing to leave. When that stopped suddenly we had a deal considered worse than remain or leave.

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