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Similar in Canada.

Last I heard, there's a few cases of people being denied entry or having a visa with expiry date stamped in their passwords forcing them to "flagpole*" at the border\port of entry.

I always fly out on my UK one going back to Blighty** & return on my Canuck one.

* Flagpole - Drive across border explain to Homeland Security that you are flagpoling, they take you into the office, give you a letter (Not a refusal stamp in the passport) saying you have been refused entry & then let you drive back into Canada to re-enter with your immigration documents or correct passport.

**Something my daughter learned to appreciate by letting her UK one expire, then lose it in a lake (Don't ask), major trauma trying to get her Canadian PP in short time for her grandmothers funeral & got treated as a visitor at UK immigration).

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