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In today's "post-speak" world everyone voted for No Deal as it was mentioned (however briefly in the small print on a website somewhere, probably stapled to a leopard in the basement toilets).

And now to ensure Nigel Farage gets his No Deal, they're going to do the completely unprecedented and close Parliament. If Boris is still PM come Christmas it wouldn't surprise me to see Farage getting a knighthood for services to Boris's bank account.

I hate having to repeat this but... the vote was not overwhelming, and no one voted for No Deal. Everyone was promised a deal. In Leave's own words "a deal will be the easiest thing ever" "they need us more than we need them" etc.

The fact is 2/3 decided to vote, 1/3 didn't, either through apathy, distrust, inability (how many millions were denied a vote because they had lived outside the UK for too long, despite still being British citizens?). I almost didn't vote, as what was promised as part of Leave was a deal, maybe like Norway, maybe like Switzerland, but A Deal none the less. And the ones who voted to Leave did so with the same knowledge that there would be A Deal. The problem though is what was wanted was actually 17 million different deals. Because it was a black box labelled "Brexit" with 17 million different interpretations of what that meant. And because you can't get consensus on 17 million different interpretations of what it means we have to put up with what the minority wants, a process hijacked by a political elite to appease fascists and idiots to bring about a populist ideal with no frigging clue about how they're going to fix the mess it will create.

And the solution from our new Prime Minister? Accept whatever the USA demands to get a deal. Except even the USA will refuse a deal if whatever happens on October 31st leaves the Good Friday Agreement in tatters. God save us from Tories who still believe they're fighting a war against Northern Ireland.

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