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I have had personal dealings with the home office on a number of occasions on behalf of friends, and my wife. Their management are xenophobic zealots and the staff who work there are inept jobsworths. I am sure both inadequacies contributed to this misleading advert. The bottom line staff have no idea what the rules or requirements really are, so whoever did this ad probably believed it.

The staff training is appalling, I know more about immigration rules and procedures than their own staff, and it's little more than a hobby to me.

The Border Agency are probably the worst, the people I encountered were exactly like this guy:

I spent an hour stuck at an airport in the UK with a border agency guy who insisted he was going to deny my wife entry (she's from Brazil) even though we were married and lived in Portugal, so under EU law she had freedom of movement. He was somehow convinced that once she was given the opportunity to pass through the golden gates of paradise (the sliding doors from customs to the arrivals lounge of Luton Airport), she would do a runner, leave me with our two kids, and go find a job washing up pots in a London restaurant (giving up her career as a lawyer in Portugal for the dream of a life in Britain).

That said, after an hour of insisting he really should call EU casework to avoid a very expensive violation, another officer stepped in and went off to make some calls, and then sheepishly came back to ask if we had a marriage cert, and then stamped her in, and warned her that she had only three months (we only came for two weeks to see my family) and would face stiff penalties if she violated any UK laws, as if he was somehow doing us a favour but warning us not to take the piss (he had no choice, we knew the law, especially since my wife is an immigration lawyer).

These guys are going to love Brexit.

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