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No. I understand the percieved issues. But I think that it's simply pointless panicked arm waving. If people are that bothered about these things then ditch the smart phone and have something that just makes calls, another thing that just navigates and another that just takes pictures. This can be done easily and these devices exist. I think all this avoidance is futile, pointless and just too much blooming effort for me to worry about. Every time I step out of my door I'm on CCTV. Every time I go into a shop I am being recorded and if I don't use cash then even more so. Long ago we lost any sembalance of privacy.

You can't even escape and go and live off grid because at some point Google maps, or the government or just some nosy passer by will find you.

There are far more imporant things to worry about than if Google knows what I had for breakfast.

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