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The comment about their need to 'maintain standards' could well indicate that perhaps their standards include not recognising or valuing the female p.o.v. because their standards are sexist, in effect if not in deliberate design.

When you set something up assuming, implicitly or explicitly or through historic experience as though coders are only male then it might just be that the women will not be interested in storming that particular bastion. Note this can include the social aspects of the gig. A glorified bar crawl might induce in women attendees a picture of an evening spent increasingly fending off inebriated male attention.

These fears may come from having attended similar gigs.

I come from Biology which is now a female majority subject and conferences are now often organised by women and are nicer than they used to be but just as rigorous in the science dept. I have family members who are women coders and my views of the males of the species are coloured by their reports of them as much as meeting them.

A common note is that male CompSci students still have trouble with the idea that a woman can code and even more trouble accepting she might score higher than them in assignments and exams. This suggests the 'coding is guy stuff' mindset starts early in bedrooms.

Which suggests that efforts to combat this need to start early and be ongoing.

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