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Here the Harry Potter books are read by Rufus Beck, also a great voice actor and really good. I'm currently re-reading as audio books - just finished Harry Portter und der Orden des Phönix and with my next credit I'll be getting der Halbblutprinz.

I currently have 280 titles in my Audible library - a mixture of German and English versions. I am a big Audible fan, but in this case, I don't see this as good move on their part.

With the subscription model of Audible (9,99 a month for a credit and all subsequent audiobooks 9,99 or cheaper, I feel that the listeners are already getting a very good deal, compared to the traditional prices for audiobooks. Amazon/Audible already have a good solution to this problem (Whispersync), I don't see how disadvantaging authors and publishers further is a good thing.

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