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Mr Booth

Just ask first :)

I work in an organisation that deals with publishers and copyrights all the time. We rarely have problems because we let our publishers, and narrators know what we are doing in advance. This is good because:

1. We use the feedback to decide if something is worth pursuing further before putting more time and money into a project

2. Any objections can be raised and subsequently worked through before the lawyers get involved; if it looks like lawyers are going to be involved, we can then go back to step 1 above.

3. Sometimes we get really good feedback and incorporate that into our planning.

4. Everyone appreciates being kept in the loop and over time it builds good business relationships.

It seems like tech companies these days are just doing things..."because we can" and not really thinking things through. Is this an Agile thing or just a Lack of Common Sense thing?

At least there should be plenty of egg to go around. Oh, and lawyers too.

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