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"Jaded box heads on help desks are, luckily, becoming a thing of the past."

What's replacing them is far, FAR worse.

The standard response is frequently "We don't support that" - despite documentation showing that they DO support it and memos from senior management to stop giving that response.

On top of that, when someone takes your name and userID at the start of the call, they shouldn't then be asking you to re-supply it _3_ times during the call - nor should they be ignoring what the user says and just typing something generic in the fault fields - leading the investigators to either be chasing the wrong fault ("no fault found") or have to phone up and ask for the description AGAIN.

(Similarly, refusing to link tickets, or reopen improperly closed tickets...)

Then there are the helldesk systems which don't allow the helldesker to pull up fault histories to find series of tickets for the same fault which have been repeatedly closed by the SAME staff without being fixed (these are the people you need to deal with or remove from the organisation)

I have stand up arguments with my managers about tickets which are open for long periods. He subscribes to the metric that they MUST be closed within 7 days or he gets stroppy. I subscribe to the metric that they get closed when the fault's fixed and confirmed fixed - NOT BEFORE.

It's dickheadedness like that which causes faults to go unfixed for _years_ until someone with half a clue decides to look at the ticket - assuming that it hasn't gone way up the food chain on one side and come down _hard_ on the support crew from a great height on the other.

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