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Friend of mine in the Army told me of a similar mistake he had witnessed.

The base, a small one, was running out of toilet rolls so someone decided to put in an order. In the "Quantity" column, they put "144" as they knew toilet rolls came by the gross. What they didn't realise was that the order multiple was a gross and they received multiple truck loads containing a total of 20,736 rolls.

The procedure to return goods ordered in error was so bad as to be useless and they had a base inspection due in a matter of days. The unfortunate perpetrator, realising the horror of his mistake, needed hide the evidence before the brass arrived. Every closet and possible storage/hiding place was stuffed with toilet rolls and everyone on the base told to take as many home as they wanted. I don't think anyone who was stationed there bought a toilet roll for the next 3 years.

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