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almost everything had to be bought and supplied through the USAF's central depot

I know I'm a bit late to the thread, but that sort of thing seems to have been carrying on for years.

My dad grew up in a major South Wales port during WWII and will gladly tell the story that all supplies for local US military not only came through the port, but were checked at the port and included stuff that was not available in local shops. Particularly sweets and chocolate from his point of view.

'Checking' involved inspecting cartons for any sign of damage, and rejecting - sending to waste - the whole carton, even if it was just a corner of the outer box that was torn, or rat-nibbled.

My dad and his mates soon learned where these rejects were stored - without the security afforded to items destined for the troops - and he apparently had a roaring trade in sweets and chewing gum from his school desk, while his school bag strained under the weight of the books which should have been in the desk.


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