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You want a war, fight it in Alaska, not Germany.

That's cute.

It was West Germany, at the time, since the Soviets had East Germany under their control. East of that was Poland, also under their control, and from there it was all Soviet Union all the way to Moscow. Overland troops could move from the heart of the Soviet Union right up to the border of West Germany without having to leave the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc, which the Soviets were eager to expand.

I'm sure that if the Soviets had decided to make a move on West Germany, a polite request would have been all that was needed to convince them to turn around and roll their tanks 4500 miles across rugged, mostly unpopulated Siberia, then across the Bering Strait, then into the rugged, mostly unpopulated Alaska instead, thus provoking war with the only country on earth capable of standing up to them. I'm sure also that NATO and the US presence had nothing to do with the fact that the Soviets never did make a move on West Germany.

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