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"Oh dear. One of the Ivory Tower brigade. The up-my-own-arse sort who thinks they are more important than the people they serve."

No Simon. I am most certainly not. IT is a service and users keep me in a job. Like any service, you have absolutely no right to to walk all over the person delivering it. That includes disturbing a team doing a job in their office, trying to help users who've taken the time to put tickets in or are calling in whilst the actual issue is visible on screen.

1. Diving in to an IT office to tell someone your problems out of the blue and take up their time and attention when they are more than likely busy.

2. Telling an IT Support person walking to and from jobs or generally around site your IT issues you must raise with them because it's so important you couldn't call or put a ticket in, expecting them to remember all the details when others like you have done the same to them on the same journey.

3. Telling a support person your IT issues whilst they're sitting there eating their dinner having down time.

Doing any of those make you a self important 'better than those that serve you' kind of person. If you disagree with that then that says a lot about you.

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