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A friend of a friend used to peruse the military surplus flyers for interesting stuff. Unfortunately, the descriptions weren't the best.

One item was 100,000 bags. So he felt he could always use some bags and submitted a bid of 0.1 cents a bag. He was informed that he won the bid and how did he want them shipped. He answered, "best was." A week later the railroad informed him that his 14 boxcars had arrived and he would have to start paying rent for the boxcars in 4 days. ??? So he went down to the railroad siding and opened up a boxcar to discover that they were filled with top-quality sleeping bags (which he had purchased for 0.1 cent per bag). Immediately he contacted all of the sports stores and offered the sleeping bags for $1 a bag. He managed to unload a few thousand of them but had to burn the rest to empty the boxcars.

The Navy yard offered 8 48 volt generators. He bid $25 a generator. He won the bid. When he came to pick up the won bids in a pickup truck they said, "By the way, your generators are around back." Going around back he discovered they were the main generators for a PT boat each weighing about 500 pounds. His truck could barely handle only 2 generators. He loaded them up and went to a scrap dealer to sell them but they saw him coming and didn't offer him much. Still made a profit though.

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