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My wife's uncle told me a few tales from USAF Mildenhall where he used to work in purchasing.

Apparently almost everything had to be bought and supplied through the USAF's central depot. This means everything including pencils were shipped over via transport plane from the US to the UK. Things readily available and at a much cheaper cost here in the UK. He was asked to get a barrel of oil for use by the USAF's display team (the stuff that creates the coloured smoke behind the plane). As it was classed as an explosively volatile mixture it had to be transported by itself, with no other cargo. Via a cargo plane from the USA. In a rare moment of sanity hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved by pointing out that the oil in question was exactly the same as used by the RAF's Red Arrows team and could be bought through them from a depot that already had it in stock here in Blighty.

The other tale may be a bit of an urban myth. Then again it might not be, you decide. They had a newbie in the department so someone gave them a part code and told them to order it. Types the code into the purchasing system "Denied, you're not authorised for this transaction." Grab his supervisor who puts his login details in, "Denied". Grab the ranking officer in the department. "Denied". Eventually they get the highest ranking officer they could find. "Denied". At this point someone finally thinks to check what the part number was. It was an AWAC, which apparently needs a 4* General's clearance to order.

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