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Way back in the mists of time, I was working for an ISP which was essentially just a tax fiddle for a certain (now defunct) large PC seller. Every few days, a database transfer from the PC seller's systems went into the ISP database, and a Perl script of mine ran to try and pull out the details of any user daft enough to hand over their phone number to the box-shifter, and discerning enough not to sign up with the ISP.

These poor people would then get a phone call from the box-shifter asking why they hadn't signed up with the lovely ISP, and wouldn't they like a free month's service or something? This all worked very well, until disaster struck: my script spat out the name and phone number of someone who was vaguely related to the owners of both companies.

The result: I get a bollocking because apparently my script is supposed to be psychic and not do such terrible things as this, despite my not knowing any names or addresses that I ought to have been avoiding. Pointing this out was hopeless; a bollocking had been ordered, therefore I had to receive a bollocking and no, I was not to get an avoid-list to prevent future trouble. Discarding a certain common Asian forename would have done the job, but being where this company was this would have dropped the number of victims down to a trickle.

I left the company soon after this, and was most amused to later hear of their going bust; they bloody well deserved to go bust for being such an unremittingly grim load of arseholes!

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