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If you are a large website with lots of content like Youtube or a site where people visit frequently like a social media website, then a subscription or ppv option might work. But that wouldn't really work for a site you might only visit once because you are searching for some particular bit of information, so land on a blog article or news article. Advertising on these smaller websites is the only viable option.

If I were to pay even a nominal amount of 10p per visit to these site, it would soon make my web surfing astronomically expensive.

I find targeted ads very stupid anyway, I search for a new phone and then buy it, yet for weeks afterwards I am still getting targeted ads for phones even though I never click on them.

And for weeks I kept getting make up ads on Youtube even though I am male, have never searched for makeup on there, am the only person who uses the device, and mostly watch comedy, cars, music and tech videos on Youtube.

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