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VSS didn't use Access, at least until version 6, the last I used.

As an admin, you could "undo" checkouts of other users if you used the "Lock-Modify-Unlock" model instead of the "Copy-Modify-Merge" one. Then you would have needed to train properly your users. In such situations was also useful to block repository access to the moron to avoid it could lose his changes later. The Lock/Unlock model required a quite high degree of coordination, although it was simpler for developers not used to version control.

For the matter during an audit in those years we caught another group where all the code releases were zip files on the manager *laptop*. Their configuration management was quite caotic - they didn't really know what got into a build.

It looks to me that many VSS "issues" were down to users actually not having ever learnt to use the tool beyond initial setup and basic UI operations.

My stint with VSS was 1997-2002, in a group of about 30 developers and with proper maintenance, it worked and ensured proper enough configuration management for the time. I was happy later to switch to better tools, but sometimes you have to work with what you have available.

I asked to buy Perforce, but never got the budget. CVS didn't run on Windows (CVSNT did, but was quite new), Linux was in its early years too, and we were a AS/400 and Windows shop anyway. PVCS didn't allow for concurrent edits.

I had more problem later, when a linux admin took responsibility for the CVS repository, created blindly the repo in the root partition, found later there was no longer space in the partition, deleted blindly the CVS repo to make space , and when developers started to howl loudly, found his backups weren't working... you can have better tools available, but if you don't know what you're doing, havoc is just right behind the corner.

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