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That's just it

That's just it... I found git rather complicated (although there are just 3 or 4 commands total for typical use), it makes it possible to do rather stupid things to a repo too.

But, git began historically because Linus found the existing system they used was hard to scale to code with as many checkins etc. as the linux kernel. After finding only 1 possibly suitable "better" version control system at the time (which was not free or open source) they wrote one from scratch.

So git is designed to support complex merges and such, and make it possible to handle a project that sized. That's it. Then it just snowballed with more and morre projects using git; honestly, in my opinion the scalability (dealing with large projects) is excellent but user interface seems to be unecessarily complex. I'm a fan of a nice cli but git's cli is not that nice, the man page documents the many available commands (which is nice) but no quick reference or examples showing how to get started with it to get anything done (not nice.)

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