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Let's see what the sweet, kind, new Microsoft that everyone loves is up to. Ah yes, forcing more Office home users into annual subscriptions

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Re: I've been recommending it to people for years

I suspect the reason it hasn't taken over the business world is PowerPoint is so much better than the LibreOffice equivalent and managers love their PowerPoint.

No. Libreoffice has a featureset well above what the majority of users know how to use. You'd probably get the occasional excel guru demanding excel back, but that's going to be a minority of users.

The real reasons are basically twofold.

1) Practically every CMS and bit of serious business software on the face of the planet generates letters etc directly through an MS Office API which Libre Office hasn't got. This is much less of an issue than it once was due to many bits of software using alternatives, but it's still an issue.

2) Users require MS Outlook, which requires a full copy of office, and if you already have a full copy of MS Office then why bother implementing LibreOffice? Here's a 5 year old post by me explaining why users demand Outlook; the situation hasn't changed appreciably.

I see what Microsoft is doing here with pushing home users into subscriptions, but if it forces users off of outlook then frankly I think it's cut their own throat. The reason for home users running this stuff is that they then demand it at work, which is where the big money is.

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