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Let's see what the sweet, kind, new Microsoft that everyone loves is up to. Ah yes, forcing more Office home users into annual subscriptions


The only office app i use regulaly is Outlook (2003)., daily, Word/Excel probably 4 or 5 times a year.

Why would i need or want to upgrade to a newer office version,. The version I have JUST works.

I cannot abide web based e-mail, in fact most web based apps suck. Give me a thick client any day.

Note: I am getting on ~60 but I have yet to see a web based app that is better and more functional than it's thick client equivelant.

Pretty!, who cares, make it work right and THEN make it pretty. (Microsoft, are you listening?)

I know web is the way forward, but it still feels soooo clunky and brain dead.

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