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Donald Trump blinks in his one-man trade war with China: US govt stalls import tariff hike on Chinese phones, laptops, electronics

Turbo Beholder

See, it's EITHER "one-man trade war" OR "US govt" equals "Trump". A little consistency, hmm?

Other than this, it doesn't matter a whole lot. The reasons for tariff wars are leverage and protectionism.

Leverage has expiration date: it's used to push something else, then it either works (and will be discarded in exchange for gain), or doesn't (and will be discarded as useless). Either way, we don't know what went there.

Protectionism has a lag between the declaration and results. It merely clears a field for the locals… then someone else will have to sow something viable in it, which cannot be reaped instantly, either. Thus declaring a tariff a bit too early is not a mistake, this reduces inconveniences without weakening the intended effect.

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