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Researchers peer into crystal ball to see future where everyone's ID is tied to their smartphone

DCFusor Silver badge

People like me who refuse to own one? Don't need it on the farm...really don't need the bill. Far better computers in the house. Just another delicate and expensive thing to lose/break with a monthly bill.

Sorry, I learned better as a youth than to get addicted to worthless bloodsucking crap.

What's funny is the number of outfits right now that just can't believe I don't have one, and think I'm being some sort of resistance or liar when I won't give them my nonexistent mobe number...

I can just imagine what will happen if I get pulled over and a cop demands my phone...

Because you know, even the starving children in ${Ridiculed country of choice} all have them - largely true. But we don't get whatever free they somehow get.

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