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where fogged up windows are never seen


The number of modern cars I see that have steamed up windows is shocking - it's obvious that the drivers don't have a clue about how the ventilation works and that there really, really isn't an excuse, in a modern[1] car to have fogged up windows - particularly the windscreen.


If, even in a 1966 Morris Minor, we can keep the front windscreen clear[2] without having to continually wipe the inside, what excuse do you have?

[1] Something made after about 1980.

[2] Even before we had the heated front screen[3] fitted. Yes, the heater in the MM is terrible[4]. Yes, you might have to wipe it before you set off but, once wiped it will stay clear, even with the anaemic controls.

[3] Even if it makes your eyes go slightly cross-eyed with the very fine black lines caused by the heating elements.

[4] As in "works fine in warm weather but not in cold" Even with the heater in winter mode (with the air intake pointed at the engine) it barely outputs any heat. Which is why my wife has a set of salopettes that she waers in winter when driving the car. Personally I'll stick to my car that has a nice set of seat heaters and climate control..

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