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Worse my wife was admitted again post surgery a few years back as she was vomiting continuously and couldn't stop being sick (turned out it was a side effect of the drugs and inflationary gas and all she had to do was keeping drinking and puking and she would have been fine)

instead she would have died of dehydration had myself and my mum not been there. why? because she was so dehydrated they couldn't get a line in for iv fluids but because they were so paranoid they wouldn't let her drink anything "just in case you need more surgery" and "your liver levels are abnormal"

wouldn''t listen to me and I was strung right out anyway having not slept in mum came in to see what was going on, marched all 5 feet of herself up to the nurses desk and told them in no uncertain terms that they were getting a line into her daughter in law sharpish and she wasn't leaving until they did

nurse looked at her for a few seconds and then decided complying was the best option......

Cue consultant hauled out of her office to have a go (why they didn't call on call phlebotomy is a mystery as they are the specialists in doing difficult iv lines) managed to get a line in

liver surgeon turns up 2 days later, your levels were caused by dehydration and the drugs from surgery, drink plenty of fluids and you can go home later this afternoon

wife was pissed as hell

since then I've been an awkward sod and not averse to kicking up a royal stink, albeit the health board complaints department is more akin to "deflecting criticism department" and the regulator SPSO are a toothless tiger keen to avoid rocking the boat...

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