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The functions of the touchscreens are assignable. That is, the various functions can be assigned to any bridge station. You don't need an official helm-station, it is whoever has the helm control functions assigned to their display, although I believe that generally the historical functions are assigned to where they would have historically been, but this is not required, as can be seen in this case by the different engine throttles being assigned to different stations.

I believe having the 2 throttles assigned to different touchscreens - or stations - was user error rather than how the system required the controls to be assigned. Basically, someone on the bridge fucked up the configuration and/or didn't adequately communicate to the bridge crew what controls were configured to what stations. Reminiscent of the control issues on AF447.

The fact this wasn't obvious from those stations themselves certainly points to very poor interface design, quite likely over-complicated. It also points to command communications issues, and possibly lack of training and deficient operator certification programs on the control systems.

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