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Many places won't let you mention Op-com as its a knockoff (read blatant IP theft) of a product called Vaux-com and the owners of the latter are particularly shirty (and rightly so) about the issue.

Don't use Op=com on anything related to the Body Control Module, it WILL brick the module and its happened to multiple folk.

You can order the carpass (which has the security code printed on it) from any Vauxhall dealer (well you used to, not sure how the PSA takeover affects that, I do know the spares prices have went ridiculous, gaskets that were £10 (and still are online) are now £30+)

Though you can buy a clone of a Tech2 off a certain chinese site for ~£300 and get full dealer level diagnostics for Vauxhalls (depending on model up to 2009-2014), Saabs, Suzukis, Isuzus and North American GM (with the right cards though even the genuine Vetronix ones aren't expensive) and having access to one, got me out of the poo more than once.....

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