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Nothing to be ashamed of...

If you go to an accountant or solicitor's office you will see bookcases full of -er- books with boring titles.

I have a customer whose name graces the title of a series of books on a very specific aspect of Law: when he speaks he does so with the air of someone who knows what they are on about, regardless of subject, and yes, his library is chock full of books with boring titles.

I remember the last VAT inspection I had the lead inspector thudded a copy of Tolleys onto the boardroom table before introducing himself - thankfully it remained closed throughout the proceeedings, and the table survived the impact.

The issue with Google is the amount of "old wives' lales" that appear in the search results, often from people who have a problem and resolving it by doing something that, by complete coincidence, occurred at the same time that the real reason rectified itself - and this is where our skills come in, separating the wheat from the chaff.

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