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I have plenty to say about the poor security of standard Android, and I am currently using an iPhone with the security gap being a major reason in favor, but your point does not really respond to the issue. The issue was that Apple released an update that caused an old iPhone to malfunction. I don't know what the details are on why that happened, but your security comparison doesn't have any relevance to that particular problem with Apple. Speaking for myself, I will say that I am unhappy with Apple's current device prices and sizes, and so when my sensibly sized iPhone dies, I may also shift to Android. Given the security problems, I'll be selecting a device that can be reflashed with lineage OS. But just because Apple has a better security record than the average Android manufacturer doesn't mean other problems they have should be discounted. Apple does lots of things that I dislike, and it is necessary to balance those things against the positives of their products.

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