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Here's to beer, without which we'd never have the audacity to Google an error message at 3am

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Pfft! I once recovered an entire database, by hand, *after* the trainees had been given a free hand to effect "repairs" and thus turned a "puppy crapped on the carpet" problem into "and then the roomba was left alone in the same room for three hours" one.

Did it on a Saturday night. Did it before Google was invented. Did it on a skinful of Bacardi. Did it over the phone spelling stuff character by character to a production controller.

Effected complete recovery and repair in splendid order, saved the day and brought the system online before the Sunday schedule was seriously impacted.

Or so I'm told. I remember nothing of the event because I had drunk so much rum.

And yes, this was a wake-up call on every level.

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