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Steve Kerr

Emergency work for a spanish bank

Had to do some emergency work for a Spanish bank once to help move a banking operation from the Caymans to Jersey after the Caymans got hit by a bad hurricane many years ago. Had to fly to Jersey in an emergency and with no Caymans staff, some vague assertions of help and not much else, try to get global payments back up.

That's the background.

Turned up, was there for a couple of hours when the Spanish staff said we were all going for lunch, my response being "Er...I just got here"

Lunch + Beer, wine, shots.

Back to office

Work for a few more hours

"We're going to dinner now"

Dinner + Beer, wine, shots.

Stagger back to office, stare at wavy screen and continue until midnight....

Repeat for 5 days

What came out of this, was working payments, staff they found in the caymans and flew over and a happy bank.

5 day working bender paid for by Spanish bank and bender instigated by Spanish staff on full expenses paid!

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