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Under the Influence...

Far too many years ago, writing my Honours Dissertation on Ice Ages - this was back in the days before "Global Warming" when the next glacial was coming "real soon now" - I had one or two drinks and rattled off 1500 words on Ice Ages in Fiction. A couple of weeks later, I came across my supervisor, walking across campus and laughing hysterically. On closer approach, I realised he was holding draft N (where N=>infinity) of said dissertation, and had just got to that bit.

We then had a discussion about and he told me to leave that section in - it must have worked, as I ended up with a First and a PhD studentship....

Separately, the dissertation was supposed to be "around 10,000 words". Some time before submission, I told him I was going to be "a bit over" - he said that was OK, and suggested I might get to as much as 15,000. I told him I was then "at 20,000 words and counting", and ended up over 25,000 (and enjoyed writing all of it). I got away with it, but these days Universities take word counts far more rigorously, and wouldn't even accept such an overrun.

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