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For example IBM began Watson as a chain of models, where each Watson model is distinct from others because it uses its unique hand-made dictionary, right after I got my patent on the structuring.

1. A computer system implemented method of creating and using structured data from a textual input, the method comprising: providing a table for structured data; receiving at least one textual input; dividing at least a portion of the textual input into one or more paragraphs; for each of the paragraphs, creating a profile by extracting one or more predicative phrases from the paragraph; for each of the predicative phrases, extracting a noun from the predicative phrase; for each extracted noun, receiving a textual definition from the dictionary corresponding to the noun of the predicative phrase; dividing the textual definition for each noun into one or more definition paragraphs, and creating a profile for each definition paragraph by extracting one or more predicative phrases of the definition paragraph; comparing the profile of each definition paragraph to the profile of the paragraph containing the respective noun based upon an algorithm for compatibility; and adding the predicative phrase containing the noun into the table for structured data if the algorithm for compatibility is satisfied.

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