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You should listen to those who are older and wiser than yourself.

You say that you want banking, for example, to be secure. Presumably you never use online banking, otherwise you'd realise why there shouldn't be back doors in that. It may not be a question for you (and neither for me) of keeping your banking transactions secure from national governments. But what about keeping them secure from criminal access? A back door for one is a back door for anyone else who discovers it and the most effective way of preventing anyone else from discovering it s for it not to be there.

Yes, email has all the privacy of a post card. Does this mean that it's satisfactory? Of course not. Encryption, the equivalent of using an envelope, should have been rolled into it as standard, not as an add-on, years ago. The fact that is hasn't is why we now have things like WhatsApp. What's worse it might well prove too late to get it rolled in; it would certainly meet strong opposition.

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