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The thing is, frankly people rely on encryption and security software where frankly, I feel it's outright inappropriate.

People talk about "oh, you could hack that nuclear power plant and cause a disaster", but the controls in the control room of the nuclear power plant that I have seen were done in ways that were secure beyond any possible doubt.

The controls for each reactor were on physically separate hardware with appropriate backups, on physically separate consoles with a purpose built 1970's OS that had never heard of networking. No remote access at all, everything was done via access to the console. They had a new computer next to the old box for searching digital copies of the manuals, but it was a completely separate system entirely and physical manuals, checklists, procedures etc were maintained as a fallback in hardcopy on shelves next to the control stations.

While I suppose that it's possible that the gas power plants that now make up most of our power generation could be disabled remotely, i'd doubt it given that they would have been built from the 1970's-1990's, and so the control software is almost certainly incapable of being connected to the internet; even if built with the OS's commercially available at the time it appears unlikely that either the software or hardware could possibly be connected.

That said, IMO anything capable of causing physical harm IRL shouldn't be directly connected to the internet. Losing websites would be an inconvenience. Losing power and major infrastructure could be a civilisation ending event if certain people in certain positions aren't as paranoid as i'd hope they are.

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