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I'm sure there's a secret gov farm/lab/tank where they grow them, and when the time comes, hose, rinse, insert the battery, and out comes your new Home Sec, each one horribler than the one before.

I suspect that this is simply a very extensive dossier of particularly horrible true cases of child abuse at the hands of child pornographers and retrospectively obtained encrypted emails where the security services (quite rightly) say that "if we'd have been able to read these messages at this point, these kids wouldn't have been abused. These kids/people would still be alive." before then coming out with the same for terrorism etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Do that for a few hours worth of briefings, and pretty much anybody (even if you have a heart of stone) is going to take the department line that "we need to do something about this".

The question is "what?".

There is a legitimate need in certain situations for law enforcement to lawfully get access to encrypted communications. The problem is that as noted, you can't trust any key you give them not to get leaked allowing remote access to pretty much any device.

I'd think the eventual response will probably be more along the lines of breaking encrypted storage on a device in a way that requires local access to exploit.

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