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New UK Home Sec invokes infosec nerd rage by calling for an end to end-to-end encryption

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Not assuming that comms are completely secure is one thing. Asking us to be OK with comms being guaranteed to be fundamentally compromised is completely another.

Just because you don't use apps for important comms doesn't mean that no-one does, nor that doing so is fundamentally wrong. A lot of business is done by app these days, especially by smaller companies and sole traders that can't afford the fancy enterprise software that would be used by the big boys. Why should their trade secrets be compromised when the secrets of their larger competitors are not?

"I can't recall ever, in my 60+ years, ever needing to send something that I would be worried about it being read by the national authorities."

Yet another formulation of the nothing to hide, nothing to fear argument. Does your house have curtains on the windows? What are you afraid of, eh?

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