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You're not Boeing to believe this, but... Another deadly 737 Max control bug found


I can't find anything about that "safety feature". I am aware that the cheapskate company did not opt for ground warning systems, you know "Warning terrain, warning terrain" or "Pull up! Pull up!". What is that safety feature you are talking about?

I am guessing the AUTO descent rate. The feature ensures compliance with descent to an FL. When the flaps were dropped, while AUTO was set, the aircraft did not descend as much as it should, so the AUTO made the correction to the correct descent speed again.

THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU ARE SAYING BTW!!! Any pilot on APP or finals, will put out the flaps. If you DON'T adjust the speed (which was on AUTO) then what happens when you extend them?

1. The aircrew decided they knew better than the ground - all aircraft were on app one way, they wanted to ILS using the RWY 23 marker then VFR on final to 05

2. Changing paths & confusion between co-pilot and pilot meant they overshot first approach

3. Changing back to CTL's first approach meant their programmed descent was too fast

4. Missing that ANDLO location (left, not right as CTL states it sould have been)

5. Deciding to ignore -500ft

6. Deciding to ignore overshot/undershot turns

7. Not watching ALT or ROD during FLAPS1

8. Applying airbrakes to slow speed (which increased descent speed) ready for FLAPS2

9. Overspeeding during crucial APP legs

10. Generally not following airline approach/flight procedures (wrong screens, talking over each other, not reading out setting changes etc.)

11.Following airline procedures (overspeeding)

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