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> [ ... ] we also don't know that Linux boxes aren't festering [ ... ]

You need quite a bit more understanding of the inherently open attack vectors on Windows as opposed to Linux.

On Windows, the Windows registry and the lack of effective privilege separation are open attack vectors waiting to be exploited. And they are the two most exploited ones. That does not exist on Linux or UNIX. Linux/UNIX don't have a registry, and privilege separation is effective.

Or, prove your point with facts: URL to a list of known Linux viruses. Do you have one?

This is what Wikipedia says:

As of 2018 there had not yet been a single widespread Linux virus or malware infection of the type that is common on Microsoft Windows; this is attributable generally to the malware's lack of root access and fast updates to most Linux vulnerabilities.

Come back when the Windows registry isn't a Petri dish waiting to be infected by design.

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