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Re: You are right.....UK companies aren’t capable of doing this

Pretty much everyone was bankrupt after the world wars.

Only we also gave Germany plenty of support to rebuild - to rebuild with completely new and modern infrastructure...

One take on this is that Germany has been so successful in the years following the war (on a tech/engineering level at least) because they got to take all the knowledge up to that point, and start from scratch in producing new products, whereas being victorious, we had no help getting our economy back up and running, and still had all the constraints of prior industry.

For an example, imagine if our rail network had been destroyed. We would have had to rebuild, and might now have room for some of these larger trains in use in Europe today, instead of having the maximum size being restricted by the space beneath our bridges and inside our tunnels.

Though I have to say, we have a lot more surviving history than in Germany too, which I personally love.

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