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Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, where to go? Navigation satellite signals flip from degraded to full TITSUP* over span of four days


You are right.....UK companies aren’t capable of doing this

UK companies would be completely incapable to build and operate a satellite constellation guaranteeing less than 10 second per year outage, with global coverage.

[Checks facts. Oh right, Astrium Stevenage and Inmarsat have done exactly this for over forty years. At a cost of one-tenth Galileo to build a more complex geostationary constellation. Providing safety of life services to the global maritime fleet, among others]

Ok. Ok. The U.K. is “bad at commercialising technology”. The Germans just built it better and cheaper.

[Checks facts. Oh right. Surrey Satellites have *actually built* Galileo spacecraft in half the budget and one third the time of the selected German contractor OHB]

Check your facts before snarking Brexit prejudice.

E.g. the Galileo cockup is in the Precise Timing Facility co-located in the Fucino satellite station. The very same Fucino station owned and operated by the British company Inmarsat that has never had a single minute outage in decades.

If you checked your prejudice about Little Englanders, you would discover that U.K.-based Inmarsat employs staff from 174 out of 195 countries in the world, by mandate. Whereas the European Space Agency beacon of non-discrimination has the following typical job advertisement explicitly “prioritising” nationality to only 14 nationalities out of EU27.

Is that a factor in this failure? Yes, I think it is. British tech companies are global teams in which to work. We are all comfortable with that and expect it. But an EU project in Fucino simply doesn’t employ the best engineers available for the project. They don’t have software testing running cost-effectively subcontracted in India. They don’t employ Chinese PhDs who learned their trade in Nokia Oulu, a couple of years in Kazakhstan, then a decade in Qualcomm San Diego. That’s what modern tech world looks like. The EU local politicised employment thing is just never going to be technically competitive, and hasn’t been already for a couple of decades.

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